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There are four sections in the "Fauna" stack.

Animals: Squirrel, Rabbit, Hedgehog, Fox, Deer.
Birds: Mute Swan, Dipper, Grey Wagtail, Heron,Kingfisher.
Insects: Peacock Butterfly, Ladybird, Dragonfly.
Fish: Trout.


Example from "Animals" stack

THE FOX (An Sionnach)

The fox is a member of the dog family. It is small and is a reddish brown colour. It has a bushy tail with a white tip .It is a clever cunning animal and usually eats mice, rats, birds and sometimes ducks and chickens. It lives in a den. The male is called a dog fox, the female is a vixen and the young are called cubs. They are born in spring and are reared by the female alone. There are many stories, poems and songs written about this animal. Many people hunt foxes on horseback with hounds. Lots of foxes live in cities and towns now.They are called urban foxes.They live on garbage scavenged from bins.The Irish word for fox is maidrin rua.This means little red dog. The fox is part of the Irish countryside and we hope they remain plentiful for a long time despite their bad reputation.

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