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There are three sections in the "Flora" stack.

Flowers: Wild Rose, Foxglove, Poppy, Wild Iris, Heather.
Trees: Sycamore, Scots Pine, Larch, Hazel, Alder.
Shrubs: Gorse, Blackthorn, Whitethorn, Frochan, Rhododendron.



Example from "Flowers" stack


Heather is small low-growing plant usually found on peat soil in mountainous areas. The plant blooms in the autumn and canbe shades of pink or purple. White heather is said to bring good luck.Deer and grouse love to eat the young shoots of the plant which grows in Ireland and Scotland. Brushes and dye were made from heather in olden days .An old saying goes-"there is gold under furze, silver under rushes,hunger under heather".Nowadays people grow this plant in their gardens.It is even a lady's name.

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