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There are four sections in "Houses" stack.

1. Old Bawn House.

2. Glenasmole Lodge.

3. Hellfire Club.

4. Carmelite Convent.




The Hellfire Club Ruin.

The ruins of the Hellfire Club is not far from our school.It is situated on top of Mount Pelier. It was built in 1725 by William Conolly who was Speaker in the Irish House of Commons.
The stones from the cairn of a prehistoric grave was used to build it. Many people believed that because the grave was desecrated the building would be possessed by the devil.
The Hellfire Club was surrounded by a thick wall. The main door was reached by a stairs. The upper floor had two large rooms and a hall. There was a kitchen and a servants' hall on the ground floor.
The club was formed by some of the gentry of Dublin for gambling purposes. They moved to the mountains because they were constantly being thrown out of the hotels in the city for being drunk and disorderly.
The building was set on fire a few times. Once, a footman bringing drinks to the card table, spilled them accidentally on a member. He was furious and poured a bottle of brandy over the unfortunate footman and set him on fire. Not only did the footman perish but so did some club members. The building was also damaged but later repaired.
When Queen Victoria came to Ireland in 1849 some of her supporters lit barrels of tar on the roof as a sign of welcome. The roof caught fire and was badly damaged. It was replaced by a stone roof which is on it to this day.
There are many legends associated with the Hellfirre Club.One of the best known is about a stranger who came to the club and joined in a game of cards. During the game he dropped a card. When he bent down to pick it up he noticed that instead of feet the stranger had cloven hooves. He jumped up screaming and shouted to his fellow players that the devil was among them. Immediately the stranger disappeared in a puff of smoke leaving a scorch mark on the table.
Every Hallowe'en foolish children visit the ruin and run around it three times 'hoping' to see the devil.

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