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The following resources were used in completing this project.

Technical Resources:
(1) Hardware:
Computer Network, Digital Scanner, Digital Camera, Traditional Camera, Microphone, Floppy Discs, Zip Disks, CD ROMs
HyperStudio, Adobe PhotoDeluxe B.E., MSWordpad, Dreamweaver.

Human Resources:
Principal, teachers and children from 8 classes (2nd - 6th).
IT co -ordinator.
Librarians in Tallaght Library.
Local historian.
IT advisor from Dublin West Teachers' Centre.
Courses and Advice from NCTE.

Material Resources:
The River Dodder.
Glenasmole Reservoir.
Books from Tallaght Library on Local History.
Books from the school library on Flora and Fauna.
Tape of bird songs.
Manuals for HyperStudio, Dreamweaver and Adobe PhotoDeluxe B.E.

A variety of paper, pens, card etc. for preparing the work prior to putting it on computer.