Local history project by pupils of St. Patrick's B.N.S, Castlebar


What places did we see on our school trip to north Mayo?  

"We went on a school history tour last week. We visited a school in Killala were we swopped information about 1798.We then took them on in a gaelic match and we won. After that we went to collect our costumes for our 1798 play and finally went to Kilcumin pier where in 1798 the French soldiers arrived in Ireland. We spent about ten minutes there and then drove through the Windy gap which is the route the French soldiers took to get to Castlebar".

Report from school website, May 2000


Where did the French fleet land in Mayo? The French fleet of three ships landed at Kilcummin, which is in Killala Bay in North Mayo. They were supposed to sail to Donegal but the weather was too bad. The Céide fields are not far from there. This is a picture of the Windy Gap which is near Castlebar. The French soldiers marched through there.

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Where did we get the information about 1798? We got a lot of information from the local library. The librarians there were very helpful. Our parents could give us some information too. We also got information when we went on our trip - seeing the places helps you to remember it easily.
Where did the musket ball come from? A person from Rowan Drive found a musket ball in their garden. Experts who examined it believe that it was meant to hit one of the English soldiers on Gallows Hill but went too far and missed altogether.