Local history project by pupils of St. Patrick's B.N.S, Castlebar


Where in Ireland was hit worst by the famine?



Mayo was the county most affected by famine. Many of the people died or emigrated. Some villages were deserted altogether like the 'Deserted Village' near Keel strand in Achill.


Most of the people were buried in mass graves. Because so many people died at the same time, they had to be buried together. There were very few people with any energy left to dig the graves for them anyway.

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Where did many of the Irish people go?  

Most of the Irish emigrants went to America and settled around Boston. Some managed to send home some money to those left behind in Ireland. Many boys in our school have relations in America.


Where could they go if they were evicted from their homes?  

They could go to  the workhouse if they were strong enough to work. They could get food from the 'soup kitchens' or they just lived and died by the roadside.