Local history project by pupils of St. Patrick's B.N.S, Castlebar


Who were evicted from their homes?

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Irish people who could not pay the rent to the landlord were evicted from their homes. Eviction is to be left homeless. That happened to a lot of people in Ireland long ago exspecially during the famine.


Who raised millions of pounds to help starving people in Ethiopia?  

Bob Geldof set up 'Band Aid' and 'Live Aid' to raise money to help the famine in Ethiopia. He organised other popstars to record the best-selling hit single "Do They Know It's Christmas" in December 1984 and to give massive concerts for free the following year and since then. He has helped to raise many millions of pounds for starving people in Africa. Now there's also NetAid and other internet sites devoted to the cause of famine in the world.


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Who lived here at Moorehall?  

John Moore lived here. He was a wealthy landlord. He gave his poor tenants food so they wouldn't starve and he gave every family a cow for milk.


Who looked after the children during the famine?  

Many of the children lived in the workhouses where they were fed and many of them had to work there. They played games together outside the workhouse if they had the energy.