Local history project by pupils of St. Patrick's B.N.S, Castlebar


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Where did we go on our trip?


We went to Straide which was the birthplace of Michael Davitt who started the Land League about 1881

Click here for accounts of our Straide visit.


Where did Michael Davitt meet Mahatma Gandhi? When we went up town with the Ernie Sweeney, we discovered that Michael Davitt met Gandhi in Londan when Gandhi was a young man. Ernie showed us a picture that he had of Gandhi's Grandson. His name is Aroom Gandhi. He came to Castlebar 3 years ago and he visited Daly's hotel. The Landleague was formed there.

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Where did we get the information for our project?  

This is a picture of one of the microfilms in the library in Castlebar. It gives you good information on old news in the newspaper. This is where we got our information on Micheal Davitt. These machines are ideal for history.