Local history project by pupils of St. Patrick's B.N.S, Castlebar


When was the Church of the Holy Rosary in Castlebar built?


The Catholic Church in Castlebar was built in 1897. It was designed by architect Walter Doolin of Dublin. it cost £18,000 to build. In 1983, the church was insured for £1,700,000.

When did third class go to visit the church?  

"Today the 30th of November 1999 our class mates and us went over to the Church of the holy Rosary to learn about the History of the church. We went to the Vault under the Altar. The entrance to the Vault is through an outside door at the side of the church. There are three graves in the Vault".



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When did Fighting Fitzgerald die? Fighting Fitzgerald was hanged in 1786 on the mall in Castlebar. His hanging was very dramatic because the first and second rope snapped and if the third one snapped he would be aloud to go free but he was hanged on it.