Local history project by pupils of St. Patrick's B.N.S, Castlebar


Where is the false door in Turlough Park House and why is it there? There is a false door painted to look like bookshelves leading from the library into the drawing room. The owners used to hide behind it and listen to what their visitors were saying.

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Where was the Altar for our church made and when? The Altar was made in Rome and it is in our church since 1901 and it took one year to make it. It was replaced in 1996. There used to be railings along the front and there were two pieces at the sides of the High Altar. And the center piece is still there.


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Where was Michael Collins killed?

This is a photo taken at Michael Collins' funeral in 1922.

On August 22, 1922 Michael Collins and some of his fellow fighters were ambushed while passing through a place called Beal Na mBláth, near Clonakilty in Co. Cork. However Collins was the only man slain. Mystery still surrounds his death to this day.