Local history project by pupils of St. Patrick's B.N.S, Castlebar


Who was 'Fighting Fitzgerald'?  

George Robert Fitzgerald was one of the Fitzgerald family who lived at Turlough Park House outside Castlebar. He was known as 'Fighting Fitzgerald'because he was always fighting with other people. He murdered his rival, Pat Randall McDonnell of Charity Hall near Ballyvary, not far from Turlough.

Who was Louis Brennan?  

Louis was an inventor from Castlebar. At the age of nine he and his family had to move to England because of work shortage which was very common at this time. He invented many important things.


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Who's hiding under the church in Castlebar?  

There is a grotto under the church with Our Lady in it praying. There are some railings to protect it from people climbing in on top of our lady. Our lady should be cleaned because she is very rusty and they should build a new Grotto.