Local history project by pupils of St. Patrick's B.N.S, Castlebar



Why did some of the boys in our school return to the Young Scientists exhibition again this year?


Read about our return visit to the Young Scientists exhibition this year.

Some of the sixth and fifth class boys went back to the R.D.S. in January 2001 to show other people how we learned about the history of our area and how we put our information together using technology.
Why did Fighting Fitzgerald have a pet bear?  

He loved animals. Once when he was visiting Russia, he brought back a bear as a pet. He imprisoned his father in a cave at Rockfield, Castlebar, and set his pet bear guarding the cave!


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Why is Mayo called 'The Plains of the Yew'?

Here you can see two yew trees growing beside the 'clockhouse' in Turlough Park. The one on the right is over three hundred years old!


The Irish name for Mayo is 'Maigh Eo', which means 'The Plains of the Yew'. It was called that after the huge amount of yew trees that were growing there. Some of these very old yew trees are still growing hundreds of years later, especially around Turlough Park. Yew is a very hard wood which was used in making lots of furniture long ago.