Local history project by pupils of St. Patrick's B.N.S, Castlebar

Church of the Holy Rosary Castlebar


The Church of the Holy Rosary was built in 1901. The canon at the time was Canon Lyons. This year our church is going to celebrate a century being built.  Our church is shaped like a cross.The church was supposed to be built across the road from where it is today. They had it half built when they had no car park, so they had to knock it down. They hadn’t enough money to build a spire so they left it as it was. 


When the church was being built, they ran out of money and couldn't build a spire so they just stuck the bell on top of the roof.



When you go into the church the first thing you see is the five rose windows. ArchBishop McEvilly donated those in 1900.


There are about 16 stain-glass windows and they came from Munich and one of the windows was giving by our school many years ago. It shows a picture of St La Salle with his pupils. St La Salle is the patron saint of our school, which is called St. Patricks.


Another stain glass window was giving by St.Angelas, the girl's primary school in Castlebar, and they collected 1p per day until they had enough money to pay for it. These stained glass windows came from Amsterdam.


There is a pulpit half way down the church where the priest used to stand and give his sermons. It's never used nowadays only by kids climbing up it.


When we went to visit the church, Fr Francis gave us a look at the Holy books they read out of at mass and at the books where they keep all the names of people who were baptised, married or died in the church.


There is a gallery up stairs with an organ which was donated by Stephen Garvey from Spencer Street Castlebar who was a famous musician and composer. The choir goes up there when they're singing at mass..


There are 14 Stations of the Cross. There are only two of this type of stations in Ireland.