Local history project by pupils of St. Patrick's B.N.S, Castlebar

Church of the Holy Rosary ~ The Altar



The high altar was designed and built by James Pearse and sons, Dublin. James Pearse was the father of Padraic Pearse who died in 1916. It took one year to make it. The Altar is made from white marble. The statues at the sides are of Mary and St. Francis.


The High Altar was cut into sections when it was made and it took 10 people to carry each section. The steps are made of granite as well.The high altar, Our Lady's statue and altar rails cost 650. You can see the old altar and rails in the picture above taken in 1901.


On either side of the tabernacle there are two scenes carved in marble. Below you can see them better.




This is Jesus in the crib when he was born. There is an Angel and Jesus' parents in the crib with him. The animals are keeping them all very warm by breathing in on them.

This is the carpenter shop where Jesus grew up when he was a young boy. It shows Jesus with a saw in his hand.