Local history project by pupils of St. Patrick's B.N.S, Castlebar

                                    Lord Lucan


The Lucan family of Castlebar

The Lucans received the title Baron and in 1795 they got the title of the Earl of Lucan. They lived in the castle of Castlebar after taking it from the Bourkes.

The first Lord Spencer married Lord Lucan’s daughter and they held the ceremony and the wedding at Lawn House, which is nowadays the girl's convent.

Lord Lucan owned the rent rights of most of the houses in Castlebar. Every morning he would go for a walk through the Mall. He lived in Castlebar up until his mysterious disappearance in 1975


One evening in 1975, Lord Lucan's nanny, Sandra Rivet, ran into the local pub covered in blood shouting "He’s killed her". She led the villagers into the house and showed them the dead body of her mother. It was thought Lord Lucan had killed Sandra’s mother in mistake for Sandra.

The Police think Lord Lucan fled the country to England. There were twenty-three sightings all over the world of Lord Lucan. Nobody has ever been charged in connection with the murder.