Local history project by pupils of St. Patrick's B.N.S, Castlebar

                               Castlebar Bacon Factory


The Bacon Factory started on New Antrim Street. It then advanced on to a farmer’s co-op where the coal depot is now and then on to Lord Lucan’s farmyard. He also ended up as the manager. The Bacon Factory started off very small but eventually got bigger and bigger until everybody in Castlebar came and it turned into a big co-operation.

My Auntie worked in the offices of the bacon factory. Farmers brought pigs from all over the country and you obviously know what they did with them. "Yes" they slaughtered them and took them by the ear and chopped then hung them on the chain dipped them into the boiling hot water to cook them. The bad thing about the chains is it is possible to be killed and a man was killed he was poisoned from a hook hanging from a chain stuck into his leg. The boilers were also a problem because it was also possible to be killed. The products they sold were lamb chops, rashers, steak, pork, beef, turkeys, chickens, bone meal, pigs ribs, canned meat black pudding and white pudding. One of the products I mentioned "bonemeal" eventually it was banned because of the mad cow disease. It was about 1992-1993 when the bone meal was banned. The bacon factory had their own butcher shop in the front of the factory their finest meat was sold very cheaply in this butcher shop. The bacon factory took up nearly the whole cinema the whole bowling alley and buildings all around it.

The Bacon factory was hard to manage during the war. It was because of all the supplies all being used and very little to take. They sent canned meat over the country to help people during the war. The way they killed the pigs they hung them and dropped them into boiling hot water. That was around where the go karting was. The entrance of the factory was just about the where the cinema is today. The conditions in the factory in the factory were very bad. One half was dusty and the other half was nice and warm because of the boiler room. The canteen was located opposite of the bowling alley entrance, beside Moran's house. The kind of animals that were brought in were cattle cows pigs and sheep. They had their own set of red vans parked outside and were very proud of them. The Bacon Factory took up about the space of the cinema the bowling alley and most of the buildings outside it. It was enourmous! Also there was great privacy in the toilets. This was just one of the bad conditions.

by Paul



The Bacon Factory

The Bacon factory was very difficult to manage during the war. They sent canned meat around the country to help people during the war. Farmers all around Mayo brought their pigs to the factory. To kill the pigs they hung them on chains and dropped them into boiling hot water.

One bit of the bacon factory was hot and the other side was cold.

The Bacon factory had not very good privacy in the toilets. The people in the bacon factory got 4 per week. They had one cafeteria and it was not good. When the bacon factory closed it was a big disappointment for the town.


The Bacon Factory

The Bacon Factory was built on Lord Lucan’s yard. It started off small on New Antrim St. selling pigs. It was a small co-op with lots of farmers, but eventually got bigger. Then they moved it to where the cinema now stands and turned it into a Bacon Factory. People started working young at about 13 or 14 they died young because of the conditions. You could even use the bladder as a football. But it only lasted a week. Some people lost their eyes because they through the fat at each other. You didn’t get to go to school and you only got paid a pound a month. The conditions were very bad because of the heat coming from the boiler room. They had very bad eating conditions from the guts of the pigs. They killed the pigs by grabbing their ear and slicing their heads open. They killed the cows by hanging them up on a chain and shot their head with a shotgun or cut it off with a chainsaw. They also sold turkeys. There was a building where the pieces of the animals weren’t needed was thrown into a fire, and after the fire was over a man would drink the blood. But the man died because he had too much blood. They put all the left overs of the dead animals into a big boiler. Sadly a man was poisoned when a hook went into his leg. They sold: chickens, turkeys, canned meat, bone meal, rashers, lamb chops, beef, steak. They had their own butcher shop at the front of the factory. The bone meal was banned because of mad cow disease in 1993.

By James and Rory