Killeshandra Church Ballyjamesduff Convent

Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes

We went to visit the Convent in Ballyjamesduff to see a William Hague building and to visit the County Cavan Museum that is now housed in this beautiful building.

The visit to Ballyjamesduff was all arranged. We set out with our activity sheets firmly secured on our clipboards and our rucksacks with all the stationery that we needed safely inside them.
We stayed outside for a while to study the outer building.
The Convent designed by William Hague now houses our County Museum. We stood to sketch the front, the gable and the back window. We also stood to admire and to draw the fishpond and the gazebo.
Near the gazebo there was a lane filled with beautifully coloured leaves. Kate took a picture of us among them.
After that we went inside. We looked at the stairs. William Hague designed them he also designed the old part of the building. Some of us drew the chimney from the big window on the top floor. It was only a distance of a few meters and the width of a window.
Later we got refreshments and listened to a storyteller who told us stories about a clever boy and a big monster and lots more. Afterwards we gathered outside for a picture and to say good bye. We set off home tired but happy.

By Ciara.
Fourth Class



Kate's view of the chimney details
4th class

We sketched the gable and checked the plans to see if the bell was as old as the building. We were right. It was not in the plan.

Kevin and Philip
4th class


Edel's sketch from worksheet
4th class

Kurt's view of the front facade
4th class

A Trip to the Museum.

It was a cold Autumn morning on the 15th of October. All the children were there with clipboard and lunch boxes. The bus arrived and in half an hour we arrived at a large building and we were greeted by a polite guide.We asked the guide a few questions about William Hague.
We entered the museum and stared in awe at the building. We left down our bags and then the tour began. We saw a fossil that was three hundred and fifty million years old. Nearly all the objects were in glass cases. The guide was very clear and he told us a lot about what we saw. The G.A.A. section had a lot of medals and trophies. My favourite thing was the hurling ball wrapped in human hair. We saw weapons and pottery.
In one room they had Victorian clothes and the guide told us that ladies used to tie their toes under their feet and wear small shoes. We saw a replica of the Corleck Head, a trap to catch poachers and a penny farthing bicycle.

After that I walked to the side of the building and sketched it.
There was a bell at the side of the building. When we came into the building again a story- teller told us two stories which I liked. Then we jumped back on the bus and we were on our way.
Caitriona 5th class

Work completed later from Sketch made during the visit. 4th class

The Convent Building in 1900A.D.

A Trip to the Museum.

When I arrived at the school the bus that was going to take us to the Cavan County Museum was there. I had never been there, so I was very excited. When I went into the classroom everyone was chattering or making sure that they hadn't forgotten anything. Then we lined up in pairs. Everyone was fighting for a place in the top of the line. We got on the bus, and hurried down to the back.
After about half an hour we arrived at the place. The building was three storey high and was a convent school before it was a museum. Third and Fourth stayed outside while Fifth and Sixth went inside. We were shown a 350 million year old fossil which was found not far from here. Then we went into a very colourful room. It was filled with banners, apart from one corner where a dug-out canoe was.
Our guide explained that they had found out that it was even older than they thought. They had thought it was 1,000 years old and it was 1,500 years old. There was a stone there called the Killycluggan Stone. They say a boy was killed on it by the Druids long ago.. After that we saw the Cavan Mace. It was quite heavy, the guide said. We also saw a god with three heads. His name was Corleck.
One of my favourite things in the museum was the dress collection. They were beautiful dresses which were worn in the early 20th century. After we had seen most of the museum when we went outside we had been put into groups before we came and we were told to sketch the building.
The group I was in sketched the side of the building. It was designed by William Hague, so we were quite pleased not to be sketching churches. We went after everyone had finished sketching and we were told stories by a story-teller. She told us about the first man in Space, about a giant and an Indian. Then we piled into the bus and went home.

Emma 5th class

On our way to the Pottery first and second class visited Saint Brigid's Church, Killeshandra to sketch Hague features.

Killeshandra Church was designed by William Hague.

We went on a field trip to look around.

It rained cats and dogs theday we visited Killeshandra,so we could not spend too long looking around outside the church.

We spent some time drawing and sketching -

doors, windows and the lovely altar.

Caoimhe and Ciara sketching.


Our bus driver just had time to take this photo between the showers.


Padraig drew this picture of Killeshandra church. He couldn't draw a blue sky so he drew a blue church instead.

By Padraig.

The main window over the altaris very big and colourful.

There were stained glass pictures of several saints on them.

By Tammy.



We drew skectches of some ofthe smaller windows it took a while to copy the designs.

The colouring was the easiest part.





By Gareth.

Gareth found this statue in the church.

This is his sketch which we scanned into our computer. We think it is St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.

Here on the right are Sean Cahir and Peter admiring the beautiful windows in St. Brigid''s church.

Hard at work:

Tom, Gavin and Damien (on the left)

Feargal and Patrick(on the right)

By Karen.

Margaret liked the design on the gallery railings. Below you can see how she copied the design.


By Gavin.

By Margaret.

By Audrey.

Tammy is busy sketching the altar in this photograph.

By Aisling.

Interesting Features:

Altar, Windows, Gallery,
Church Layout, Pillars




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