Infants looked at design and shape in Saint Aidan's Church

Fun with Shapes.
St. Aidan's Church,


Our Favourite Windows

We liked all the different
colours .They all looked like
little flowers with one large
flower in the middle.
We had great fun
counting alll the circles.


Louise liked this window with the three flowers
The flowers looked like shamrocks
with tiny red flowers in the middle.
The two flowers in the corners were the same.

Nicole brought in this photograph of her christening.This photo was taken up at the altar and the three stained glass windows can be seen at the back.

Paul sketched this window as his favourite.He liked the red diamonds that were in the middle of the stained glass window.He liked the yellow rectangles that were
all around the edge of the

Eadaoin made this stained glass window showing her favourite colours after our trip to the church.


Our class liked the colours used in this triangular window.We thought it looked like three shamrocks.

We had good fun looking for different shapes.Niamh coloured the orange rectangles and triangles that she saw in the stained glass windows.

Pass the cursor over the above picture of the porch to see how
Stephen liked this porch at St. Aidan's church.
This photograph shows the outside porch in St. Aidan's church.It shows the orange bricks which surround the entrance.We had great fun counting the bricks and guessing the number used.

He counted all the rectangles on the bricks and tried to draw all he could see.He enjoyed mixing the crayons together to get the shade of the brick.

Fun with Shapes.

John made this pictureof a robot.

Leanne made this picture of a circus.

Nicole made a picture of aliens landing from space on earth.

Michael made this picture of lots of people
watching the robot before he strikes.

Jonathan made a picture of a house floating in space.

Laura made a picture of a rich robot surrounded
by many golden coins.

Niamh made this pictureof her house which was captured
by aliens on it's way to space.

Francis made this picture of his Daddy's special digger.

Hannah made this picture of her house rising to the stars.

Mark made this picture of a special kite surrounded
by balloons.

Eadaoin made this picture of her robot in action.

Look out for my moon -MaryJane.

Paul made this picture using his favourite autoshapes.

Henry gave his robot lots of tasty cookies.



Shape Poems.


I like shapes because they are round.
They can be on the ground.
I like shapes because they are long
They can be on the wall.

By Sean

Shapes are big

Shapes are small.

Shapes are on the wall.

Some are tall.

I like shapes.

I love squares.

Do you?

By Paul.


I like shapes.

I have squares on the wall.

I have circles which are tall.

Shapes are real.

Shapes are big.

By Fiona.

I like shapes.

I have circles.

Shapes are big.

Shapes are my favourite.

By Gareth.

Shapes are big.

Shapes are small.

I love hearts.

I love stars too.

By Eadaoin.


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