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Infants - Our Field Trip.
Corn craft was part of life in the time of William Hague


We saw many baskets on our trip to Mountnugent. All the baskets were made from straw. Some were used for fruit and vegetables.

This shows John's harvest knot when finished but much work had to be done first.

Our turn had come to work with the straw. We made harvestknots. It was hard at first but after watching closely we were all able to make one. When we were all finished we put a red ribbon on them.

We had great fun looking at all the different shapes in the hen nests. Lots of triangles, squares and rectangles were found.The triangular nests were our favourite. Paul and John were checking to see if they find any eggs.

We saw lots of diffferent harvestknots made in many different ways. Some had many circles and some had many squares.

Nicole found a very special basket. She did not want to use it for fruit but to place it on her head and she was our princess that day.

After all our hard work we were ready for some lunch. We had our lunches in the picnic area. It was lovely as it had a nice view of the gardens.
Sean also found a straw rattler . He was very happy with his new discovery and wanted to bring it home to his new baby brother.

Our Funny Captions.

I am a princess. By Eadaoin.

Oh no! my fingers are stuck.
By Niall

Let's step out together. By Henry

Where are my glasses? by Jonathan.

Lunch is nice to munch. By Michael
What is going on?. By John.

Please give me a hand. By Hannah.

Will I fit in there? By Gareth.

Can I have a spin on your spinning wheel?
By Paul.

It's easy for me.
By Elizabeth

That slide show was fun. By Lisa.

Do you like my corn dolly? By Laura.

Will you give me a hand. By John

How many will I make?
By Louise.

This is lots of fun. By Stephen.

Altogether having corn
. By Nicole
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First and Second went to experience some real pottery making,
with their teacher Mrs Fitzpatrick.
Pottery was used more than glass in William Hague's time

This is our story about our field trip to Ballyhugh Art and Cultural Centre.

We are in first and second class.

We went on a bus.

We made pottery.

Marion showed us some old utensils

that would have been used in

William Hague's time...candle

holders, sugar pots,

holy water fonts and ink wells.


We set to work.

We tried our best to copy them.

The clay dried very quickly so we had

to work fast!

Here you can see clay pipes

and baskets for eggs.

When we had made our pieces we put

them on trays to dry.



We came back the next day to paint

our masterpieces.

This is some of our work.

The paint made the pieces very colourful.

We are sure that pottery might not have

been so bright long ago.

We wore old shirts to keep our uniforms clean.

Here we are with our masterpieces.


When all the work was done we relaxed in

the big room downstairs.

We learned some old dances that people

danced long ago.

This is the bonfire dance.


This is Padraig dancing.
The name of dance is called the
Bridge of Athlone.

We really enjoyed our trip to
Ballyhugh Art and Cultural Centre.
We would like to say a big thank
to Marion and Joe Bradley who own the centre.


St. Brigid's Killeshandra

Ballyjamesduff Convent
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