First and Second Class

St. Aidan's Church Butlersbridge, Co. Cavan.
Drumalee Church, Belturbet.


St.Aidan's church in Butlersbridge,Co. Cavan, Ireland.

By Caoimhe and Patrick.
We are pupils in first and second class in Butlersbridge Central National School. We visited our local church and sketched it. This sketch by Caoimhe and Patrick shows the front of the building.
St. Aidan's church is our favourite building because it is a beautiful church. We love the altar and the door. I like the windows too. There is a lovely window when your going out. We go to Mass with our Mammies, Daddies brothers and sisters.

By Gavin

By Ciara
These are some sketches of details in the windows. It took a while to get these right!

By Gareth.

By Gareth.

By Orla.

By Tammy.
We received our first Holy Communion on the 14th of May 2000 in St Aidan's church. We think our church is the best in Cavan. We think our community would be very dull without it. On our communion day the church was full of people. The school children sang in the choir. Master Leddy conducted the choir and Gene Cullivan played the organ.

First Holy Communion 2000

( from back left)

Fr. P.J. Flynn, Mrs.Catherine Fitzpatrick, class teacher, Fr. Paul Casey, Tammy, Tom, Karen, Patrick, Ciara, Declan, Caoimhe and Feargal.

Photograph Colm Connaughton.

Fr. Casey said the mass. He is our new priest. He really likes our church too. He made a little water garden on the altar. We stood beside the water garden to get photographs taken. This is us with Fr. Flynn, our teacher Mrs. Fitzpatrick and Fr. Casey.


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Happy Events in St. Aidan's Long Ago

St. Aidan's Church, Butlersbridge in the past.
The wedding of Philomena Myles and Vincent Cosgrove in 1971.
This photograph of shows us what the original high altar was like. It is not there anymore. The wooden railings are gone too. The ladies wore big hats and the men wore their best suits.

My Nanna and Grandad were married in St. Aidan's Church in Butlersbridge on the 23rd of June 1950.

This is a very old photograph. It is the only photograph they have of their wedding. Their names are Patrick and Eileen Flynn. Some of their friends came to the church on their bicycles. You can see the bicycles up against the wall of the church. Grandad had a hat. Nanna was wearing a lovely dress and a veil. They celebrated their golden wedding anniversary last year.

This is another one of many weddings to take place in our church. The photograph shows Sheila Brady and Francis Reilly on their happy day. Their friends Maisie Henry and Michael Foynes were there to help them celebrate.

First Communion is also a very important time in our community. My Daddy was seven in this photo. His name is Noel O'Reilly. His teacher's name was Mrs. Ann Brady.

Here they are outside the church. You can see the iron railings. The railings have crosses on the top. There are lots of windows at the side. I am looking forward to making my First Communion in St. Aidan's church this year.

This is Kaye O'Reilly with Mrs. Brady. Kaye is Noel's sister. Mrs. Brady taught in Kilnalack N.S. until it closed down in 1974. Then she taught with Philip and Ann Smyth in Butlersbridge Central National School.

This photograph shows Austin Cosgrove and Adrian O'Reilly on their first communion day.

This is a more recent photograph of a First Communion group in 1994. It shows Mrs. Evelyn Brady and Mrs. Ann Smyth with (from front left) Danielle, Aoife, Angela, Carolyn, Niall, Sennin, Pauric ,Cein, Steven and Donal.
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St. Patrick's Church,


By Cian.


We visited Drumalee church near Belturbet,Co. Cavan.

This church was also designed by William Hague.

It was a lovely day so we did our sketching outside. The church looked very well in the March sunlight.

We had spent the morning in the pottery workshop, so the fresh air was great.

It was quite windy that day as you can see from the photograph. Art attack on Drumalee!

We put the finishing touches to these drawings back in the classroom.


Pass cursor over image

Here are some closer views of the

one of the smaller windows at the front

and the front door.


You can see the orange bricks around all the doors and windows.

William Hague picked out this design himself.


There were men working on the inside of the church when we were visiting.

We could not go inside the church to sketch.

Here we are ... being blinded by the sun.
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