Fifth and Sixth Classes

S.I.P 1999-2000

Kilcolman 1911 Census



Part of SIP 19.(Schools Integration Project …IT2000)

As part of its IT2000 initiative to infuse schools in Ireland with good ICT practices the National Centre for Technology in Education has launched SIP…a programme in which some schools have been chosen to produce exemplars in good ICT practice . This is one of the projects being undertaken in the following school.

  School: Coolderry Central School , Birr,Co.Offaly.



  School type: Small, rural,mixed.

  Class: 5th & 6th  Class pupils ,age 8/9.

Teacher :Mr. Thomas Lupton


1.The parish of Kilcolman in 1911

Scope : A study of the parish of Kilcolman, based on the Census of 1911 -the most recent census available to the public.


Sources :National Archives

   Files King's County Parishes of Kilcolman,Aghancon,and Ettagh.

  D.E.D 26,52,53.


 Historical Context: An introductory chapter on the significance of census data and the relevance of information which can be allude from such material. The importance of the 1911 Census.



List the head of each household ,giving the occupation of the head, together with the number in each household,religion and use of the Irish language.


Graphical Data

With the use of Microsoft Excel to create graphs showing data on age differences, literacy and demographic comparisons.


Student Involvment

  Assist the students in the use of Microsoft Excel and allow as many students as possible to draw individual graphs. Students will also be asked to write about their family backgrounds, which are relevant to the Census of 1911.

Proposed Layout

     Title page

     Table of contents



     Age groups


     Demographic Comparisons

Thomas Lupton Class teacher,



1.    Aim of Project

·       To make children appreciate their own culture.

·       To show how ICT may be used for the humanities.

·       To train pupils how to use Excel, database and search information.

·       To integrate work off and on the computer.

·       To give children insight into Census information.

·       Incidentally to infuse the children with computer skills.

2.    Preparation

Prepare worksheets and a plan of action.

This project needed a lot of personal research to be done by the class teacher .

The teacher visited the National Archives in the national Library.


3.    Steps undertaken



a.    Reading/Research

Resources(Census data) collected by teacher  were studied and discussed.


Old roll books from the 1911 era were studied to compare data from the census .This was a very interesting see the same names on both sets of data.

b.     Lessons were given by the teacher in the use of Microsoft Excel, how to enter data , how to represent dat in graphical formats, piecharts,barcharts etc.

c.     Children entered data often from their own townslands.

d.     Data was printed out and displayed as part of the overall SIP project.




      Pupils did artwork based on 1911 buildings ,styles etc.






4.    Results and Educational benefits



·       Every family attending the school was given a CD with all of the SIP projects. Some of the children who hadn’t a PC at home would bring the CD to a friend’s house or relative’s house where there was a PC and show it off there.

·       Children were able to make some interesting comparisons with today and notice families that were no longer here and families still in the same townslands.



              f. Links

1.    Coolderry Website

2.    Homepage of SIP19

3.    Homepage of Scoilnet , the Irish Schoolnet…see the Culture section,Primary.

Thomas Lupton.

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