Adding Text

Text may be added in two ways, using a word processor or typing in directly to Netscape Composer. The way you choose would depend on your own teaching method and on the computer resources you might have access to.

Using a Word processor

Children could prepare their articles in Word and then draft and redraft. They could use the spell checker etc. It will save time if they save their word files separately….it can be difficult to select exactly the text they require if they have more than one article in a single word file. Here are the steps to use:
1. Open Word and open the required article. If it is the one article go to edit menu in Word and click on "select all". Otherwise select the required text and highlight it.

2. Go to edit menu and click on "copy".
3. Minimize Word.

4. Open the Netscape file say hist.html.
5. Go to the file menu in Netscape and click on edit page. (You will now be in Composer.)

6. Click in the text area… the third row. The first row is for the title, the second for the image.
7. Click on the paste icon on the toolbar or go to the edit menu and choose paste.
8. Now you can apply text, colour etc from the Netscape menus. When finished click on save and then on preview to see the results!
9. Now reopen Word and do the same with another article.

Using Composer

1. Children could have done the first draft in their copies.
2. Open Netscape and the file you require.
3. Go to file menu and click on edit page. Netscape will now be in Composer.
4. Click in the third row. Type in the text you require.
5. Use the toolbar to format text, font, colour etc. There is also a spellchecker in Netscape Composer.
6. When finished save the work and look at the result by clicking on the preview icon.

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