To develop your website

Now that you have a simple website you could develop it by making one of the pages another index to a submenu. E.G If you wanted to develop the Local History then the homepage link to local history would bring up another index, it could be called histindex.html and there would be links from there to a page about a castle, a page on placenames, a page on a local hero etc.Each page in this section should have a title, text, a picture, a link to the history indexpage, and a link to the homepage.It would be a good idea to keep each small subwebsite in a separate folder within the website folder.Some of the links in the links section of the tutorial EG Croghan School show this in practice.

1.Introduction 2.Some Rules 3.Webplan 4.Make Indexpage 5.Make Content template
6.Indexpage links 7.Adding text 8.Adding Images 9.Add an email link 10.Upload your site
11.Develop further 12.Other Ways 13.Submit site 14.Links to Examples 15.Click here to download
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