Links to each page

If you are on any of the content pages and you click the preview icon you will see the page as if it was on the internet.
Do that. Then click on the link to the homepage.
Now the homepage should come up.
However it is now in the browser rather than in the composer.
Go to the file menu and click on edit page .

Now you are in Composer again.
Please note you may not edit while in the browser and links will not work while you are in Composer.
Now select "Our School" and click on the link icon.

Click on choose file and go to the Myweb folder if you are not there already.
Select school.html ,click open and then OK.
A link has now been made from the homepage to the school content page.
Do the same for the other content pages. Click on preview.
Check out the links and make sure they are all working properly.

Now we should have a skeleton website with an index page and five content pages. Next we will add pictures and text to our skeleton .

1.Introduction 2.Some Rules 3.Webplan 4.Make Indexpage 5.Make Content template
6.Indexpage links 7.Adding text 8.Adding Images 9.Add an email link 10.Upload your site
11.Develop further 12.Other Ways 13.Submit site 14.Links to Examples 15.Click here to download
text version of tutorial
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