Introduction: Simple School Website

This tutorial will describe how to make a simple school website in steps using Netscape Communicator (which is on the cover disc of many computer magazines.) and is free !!! It could then be adapted for other purposes and extended using the same methods .Netscape Communicator includes Netscape an internet browser and Composer which is a whysigig internet editor which can be used without using HTML .This is only one way of making a simple school website but it works and the main advantage is that the children themselves can do all the work.

Basically we will have six webpages , a home page which we will call an index page , and five other pages , one for sports, one for local history, one for the school , one for school events , and one for projects. The index page will have links to each of the other pages. The other pages will have a title , one picture ,a piece of text, and a link back to the index or homepage.

Before we start using Netscape you should have the following work done :
1. Five pieces of text as word files or in copies. (The text may be typed into Composer by the children or transferred using copy and paste) . Pictures should not be included in the word files.
2. Six picture files should be ready. They could be scanned or digital photographs or made with a paint package but if possible should be the work of the children.The pictures should be in either .jpg or .gif format.
1.Introduction 2.Some Rules 3.Webplan 4.Make Indexpage 5.Make Content template
6.Indexpage links 7.Adding text 8.Adding Images 9.Add an email link 10.Upload your site
11.Develop further 12.Other Ways 13.Submit site 14.Links to Examples 15.Click here to download
text version of tutorial