The Content Template

Go to file menu again and choose NEW and then Blank Page.
Click on the new table icon and the new table properties menu will come up.

This time we will choose four rows ,(one for the title , one for a picture, one for the text , and one for a link back to the homepage.),one column and center alignment.
Choose 12 for border line width ,choose 90% for table width and again choose a background color for the table.
Click on OK and the table appears.

Type in "Our School" in the first row. Change size, font etc and center it.
Leave the next two rows blank. Type in on the last row "Click here to return to our Homepage" and center it. Then select "Click here to return to our Homepage". Now click on the link icon on the toolbar.

A link menu will come up. Click on choose file .The files in Myweb will come up .Select index.html. Click on "open" and then OK. Now the words "Click here to return to Homepage " will be underlined and be in blue which denotes a link. Format the page colour like the last time. Now save and use the lowercase name "school.html"

Now be very careful.On the top row erase the words "Our School" and type in "Local History". Now go to the file menu and choose "save as " not save . Now save the file as "hist.html" .NB if you use save rather than save as you eliminate the school file.

Repeat this for School Events (save as events.html), Projects(save as proj.html) ,and Sports (save as sport.html). Now we have an index page and five pages each of which links back to the index page. Now we have to link the index page to each of the other pages.

1.Introduction 2.Some Rules 3.Webplan 4.Make Indexpage 5.Make Content template
6.Indexpage links 7.Adding text 8.Adding Images 9.Add an email link 10.Upload your site
11.Develop further 12.Other Ways 13.Submit site 14.Links to Examples 15.Click here to download
text version of tutorial
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