To upload your website


Before you upload your website you must have webspace on a server, a username, and a password. Your email username and password might not be the same as your web username or password but they might be. Before you try to upload your website you should have this sorted with your provider Eircom, Iol ,Indigo etc. Have the following printed out:
1. The ftp server name. E.G,, etc.
2. Your username.
3. Your password.

Obviously you need to be on the Internet to do the following tasks. Now you need a piece of software to upload your site. The most common one is
WS-FTP and it may be downloaded from the web or is available from most computer magazine CDs. It may be downloaded from . Just go to the website and enter FTP in the search. You first download a zipped file from the CNET site then you just click on it and install the program. Now open the program. A session dialogue box will open.
Enter the ftp server name, your username and your password. Click on OK.

The program will then open up two windows. The window on the right is your webspace on the server. Usually it is in a folder called public_html. This may vary depending on the ISP. The window on the left is your hard disc. By clicking on Startup in the session menu you could have directed the program to where your web files are. Find the folder you have your website in. The green up arrow will bring you up the file structure. You may select one file, hold control and select multiple files, or select a folder. Then you just click on the arrow facing right and transfer the files. For your first upload you transfer all the files. The next time you may just want to transfer adapted files or new additions to your website.

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6.Indexpage links 7.Adding text 8.Adding Images 9.Add an email link 10.Upload your site
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