Other Ways to create a website

There are many other ways to develop your website. Other web editors include Dreamweaver , Frontpage, Pagemill and of course raw HTML.

Other packages have the ability to have their files saved in web format EG Powerpoint, Word(ouch it uses too much code and sprays pictures all over the place !!) , Publisher , Creative Writer and also some authoring packages. Some of these work well but in most cases they convert the webpage to a large graphic and download times would be very long. They would be a better option whenever broadband arrives.(If it ever does !!!)

Sometimes a website might be a mixture of many types. I would recommend Dreamweaver as a logical stepup from Netscape Composer.

1.Introduction 2.Some Rules 3.Webplan 4.Make Indexpage 5.Make Content template
6.Indexpage links 7.Adding text 8.Adding Images 9.Add an email link 10.Upload your site
11.Develop further 12.Other Ways 13.Submit site 14.Links to Examples 15.Click here to download
text version of tutorial
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