Simple Website Workbook Indexpage

The next few pages are designed as a workbook for a simple beginner's school website. They could be printed out ,stapled and used as a booklet for pupils to devise their own website and could be filled out in longhand.Discussion could be introduced before,during and after the exercise. It is up to the individual teacher to decide how to use the workbook. You could also download the pages and adapt them for your own purposes. I would welcome any comments or feedack.
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Page 1. A Title Page What will you call your homepage ?
Page 2. A storyboard planning page Name 5 topics for our web
Page 3.Plan the index or homepage What will we call our homepage ?
What text will we use for an email link?
Page 4.First Topic Check your topics from Page 2
Page 5.Second topic

Each topic page should include :
1.The title or name of the topic.
2.A picture.
4.A link back to the Index page.

Page 6 .Third topic
Page 7. Fourth Topic
Page 8. Fifth Topic