A Tutorial to make a Simple hyperstudio stack

"The Pedagogy leads and the Technology follows ." P.Bates

Since there is not a lot of software for minority cultures it presents a challenge and an opportunity to teachers and children to produce their own multimedia . This tutorial about Hyperstudio is an attempt to help teachers to use a content free authoring package.It is not the only way,there are other methods of using Hyperstudio and indeed other authoring packages but I suggest the philosophy would be the same.
1.Definition 2.Introduction 3.Blank Cover Card 4.Blank Index Card 5.Template Card(Text)
6.Template Card(buttons) 7.Make more cards from template 8.Making Index card links 9.The Covercard(Title) 10.To add clipart
11.To edit an object
12.Pedagogical Guidelines 13.An Example Project

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Project stack(375K)