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37. Type in a name into each card title textbox. Suppose card six is called " The Castle". Go to the Index page.
38. Go to Objects menu. Click on Add a Button.
39.The Button dialogue will appear. Click on button type. Click on show name to show. Type in The Castle for name. Click on OK in the button appearance dialogue. Place and size your button on the page.
40.Click outside the button. The button action will appear. Click on the Another Card option. The dialogue asks you to go to the page intended.

Go to the page The Castle (page 6). Then click on OK.The transitions dialogue will appear. Pick your transition. Click on OK.Click on Done in the actions dialogue.
41.Repeat steps 37 to 40 for each page topic. Then you might add a background colour to the index page and give it a title or have something like "Click on what you want to read "!!!. You could paint on this text with the "T" in tools but remember it is paint and not editable text.It should e treated as clipart.

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