St. Erc.

Slane, having been set apart for holy use by St.Patrick before the year 465AD,had Erc as it's first bishop. He was a man of great holiness and bravery, respected by his people. He was very friendly with St. Brigid and spoke very highly of her. It is sometimes said he was teacher to St. Brendan and he helped at the blessing of Conleth, first bishop of Co. Kildare. He was interested in all the movements of the church at that time. St. Erc was most likely servant to King Laoghaire when the Paschal fire was lit on the Hill of Slane.

St. Patrick blessed Erc and he became a believer. He was the first convert from the high king's court.The monastery on the Hill of Slane founded by St. Patrick was governed by Erc. He was known as "the sweet spoken judge". It was for him that Patrick wrote the poem:-

"Bishop Erc, Everything he judged was just,

Everyone that passes a just judgement Shall receive the blessing of Bishop Erc."

He lived in a house on his own on the banks of the Boyne. He died on the second of November, 512 AD. Erc's name is still used in the parish of Slane and he gives his name to one of the areas in the village.

The Apostles' Stone.

The apostles' stone can be found a small distance from St.Erc's house, in the Castle grounds. It is coffin shaped and about 1.75 metres long. On the apostles' stone there is a crucifixion scene. On one side of the cross Our Lady is carved and on the other, St. Paul. Six figures are sculpted on each of the long sides. These are the apostles, but only St. Paul and St. James are recognisable by their symbols. The stone is dated to the late 14th or 15th century. Nobody knows what this stone was used for, one theory was that coffins were placed upon it during funeral services.

St. Erc's Hermitage.

St. Erc's Hermitage is to be found in the grounds of Slane castle, between the Church of Ireland church and the Boyne. It is now hidden in the thick undergrowth. While it is traditionally associated with St. Erc, what we see now dates to the 15th or 16th century.The building consists of a nave and a chancel with a tower in between.

Lady's Well.

Lady's Well is situated on the banks of the river Boyne half way between The Apostles ' Stone and Slane castle.

The Bishop's Tomb or St. Erc's Tomb

In the centre of the grave yard on the top of the Hill of Slane is a curious tomb with triangular or gable-shaped end blocks. In the last century funeral parties would take a coffin around the tomb three times and then rest it by the monument for a few moments.