Historical links Ireland +France+EU.

The European Union.


In 1957, France, Germany, Italy, Belguim, Luxembourg and the Netherlands formed the European Economic Community, which later became known as the European Union. Ireland, Britain and Denmark joined in 1973. In 1981, Greece joined in E.C. and Spain and Portugal joined in 1986. In 1993 the E.C. was renamed the E.U. (European Union). In 1995 Austria, Finland and Sweden joined the E.U. Now there are fifteen countries in the European Union. May the 5th is Europe day. The population of the E.U. is about 370 million. The land area of the E.U. is 3.24 million square kilometers, about the area of the U.S. Since Ireland is a member of the E.U. that means that Slane is connected to France through the E.U.

The Connection Between France and Ireland.

There are many connections between Slane and France including; St. Patrick was kidnapped as a slave from France and brought to Ireland.

France and Ireland often were at war with England.

The poet Francis Ledwidge was born in 1887, lived in Slane and died in France in 1917. He is remembered ever since.

Ireland and France play rugby nowadays.

Lastly, the two countries joined the E.U. France joined first in 1954 and Ireland joined 16 years later in 1973.



T he capital of France is Paris. The population of France is about 57 million people. The area of France is 547,000sq. km. France also has the highest western Europe's mountain. France's climate is Meditteranean, Continental and Maritine. A way of saying hello in France is bonjour.


T he capital of Ireland is Dublin. The population of Ireland is about 3.5 million. Ireland's climate is Maritine. A way of saying hello in Irish is failte romhat. A way of saying good-bye is Irish is slan. Ireland joined the E.U. in 1973.