St. Patrick came from a wealthy Christian family. He was born in France, but some say it was Scotland, England or even Wales.

His place of birth remains unknown as there are many questions surrounding his nationality.What we do know is that he was born around 400A.D and we know from his autobiographical work that his father was a highly placed Roman official and the family lived in a large villa.


Warriors of Niall of the Nine Hostages kidnapped Patrick. He was sold as a slave boy and herded sheep on Slieve Mish in Ireland for six years. He returned to his family in France and became a priest. Patrick then travelled around Ireland for thirty years preaching to the people. He spent 20 or 30 years in Western Europe. Patrick was a very good traveller. He travelled to Celtic countries. He died in Ireland and it is believed that he was buried in Downpatrick, Co. Down.

It was Easter time and the pagan priests or druids were to light a fire on the Hill of Tara in honour of their Gods. No other fire was to be lit in Ireland at this time. Patrick and his companions arrived at the nearby Hill of Slane the day before Easter Sunday. That night, to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, they lit a large fire.

The Hill of Slane

The King was filled with rage when he saw the flicker of light from Slane. He sent his soldiers to find out who had lit the fire and to bring that person back to Tara at once. Patrick came to Tara and faced the High King and his angry druids. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. St. Patrick used the shamrock to teach the people about God.

St. Patrick

St. Patrick on the Hill of Slane.

St. Patrick's Grave

Some 3rd Class impressions of St. Patrick.