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Barefield N.S. is a rural primary school situated 4 miles north of Ennis on the main Ennis - Galway trunk road. It is state-of-the-art new school with the final Phase of construction having been completed in December 1999. There are 233 pupils on roll, 8 mainstream classroom Teachers, 3 classroom Assistants, one shared Learning Support Teacher and a shared Special Needs Resource teacher on the Staff. At present, the Principal has a full time teaching role. For many years, the school has been teaching Computer Studies and Foreign Languages (French & German) as subjects on the Curriculum.

Barefield N.S. has an excellent record of developing relationships with local businesses and industry.

Indeed, the school made a very valuable contribution in helping Ennis become Ireland's Information Age Town. In addition, parent groups have helped in providing computers for the school and a host of local industries has supported such fundraising.

The school is at all times open to any innovative possibilities within the Curriculum, with some recent IT projects, being various websites on:

  • the school itself, developed in 1997
  • Shannon Airport, designed in 1998
  • St Joseph's Doora- Barefield All-Ireland Hurling Club, launched in 1999.

As the E.U becomes more of a Global Village, Barefield N.S. is making every effort to reflect a European context to its Education. Our involvement in SIP is helping us establish an attitude in our pupils, helping them to understand that:

"Barefield N.S. est non seulement a l'ecole d'Irelande mais d'Europe."

In other words, SIP is providing the school with a unique opportunity not only to continue , advance and enhance its tradition and culture of integrating Computer Studies with other curricular subjects, but also of reaching out to schools, locally, nationallly and internationally.

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