School :

St. Nauls, Keelogs, Inver, Killybegs, Co. Donegal.

Module :

Patch Studies

5th & 6th

Title :

The Bogwoman

Lessons :


Themes :

Introduction to the topic

Visiting guest and interview
Analysis of the information Collected
Presentation of the study 

Linkage :

The Internet, MS Word, MS Publisher, Outlook Express.

Peripherals :

Digital Camera, Printer

Other Material :

Museum Resources
Implementation: depening on the particular activity involved, a combination of the following would have been used throught the module ; whole class, group, pairs and individual work.


Lesson 1 :

Introduction to Topic


  1. To enhance the children’s knowledge of the history associated with the locality, i.e. notable discoveries.

  2. Exploration of the options available to research the topic.

  3. Preparation for interviewing a guest speaker visiting the classroom

Materials/Resources :
A discussion is held on the materials and resources required to complete this topic and for the next lesson,
Interviewing older people from the locality about the discovery
Talking to a member of the group who discovered the body in the bog
The National Museum
The Donegal Historical Society Annual
A visit to the site where the body was discovered

Content / Methodology

Children discuss the topic and decide on the research required for the topic

Groups are formed

The children are questioned about their area in regard to important discoveries and a number will present information on this topic

The children are questioned on where more information is available and they will decide on the older generation who were around at the time of the discovery

Other children will be curious and will question the topic which will provide an opportunity to give more information on this, ie we could invite one of the men who discovered the body and that the Bog Woman is now the National Museum in Dublin

Preparation is now made for the interview with the guest speaker

The various aspects of the topic is decided upon together and groups are formed to research these, one aspect per group

In groups each child is assigned a task to complete

Follow Up Activities

Preparation of questions for the interview and the formatting of this using the computer

Lesson 2 :

Visiting guest and interview


  1. The children will know the story of the discovery of the Bog Woman

  2. The children will have their questions based on the body’s discovery answered by the guest speaker

  3. They will write an account of the story they’ve heard

Layout of the interview questions from the previous lesson
Digital Camera

Content / Methodology

The children hear the story of the Bog Woman’s discovery

They interview the guest speaker

They compile their story/interview using the assistance of the computer

The children revise the questions they prepared in the previous lesson

They listen to the guest telling the story of the events before/after the discovery of the body

They are provided with an opportunity to present their interview

Any new questions are also accepted and answered

A photograph is taken of the class with the guest.

Follow Up Activities
  • The children write the details of the story they heard

  • The photograph is printed

  • Each group meet and evaluate each member’s participation to date and decide the next steps to be taken in their research


Lesson 3 :

Analysis of the information Collected


  1. The children will research the topic further by analysing in their groups the information received from various sources

  2. The children compile the information from the previous lesson and format this with the use of the computer

Marerials received from the National Museum and the Donegal Historical Society

Content / Methodology

Presentation of the interview

Decisions made on the relevant information to include in the project from reading other relevant sources of information on the topic

The children read over their interview questions and correct spellings and punctuation as appropriate

They then prepare this to be included in their presentation using the computer

Wordart and borders are used in the formatting of the interview

The information from the sources mentioned above are analysed and the children are assisted in writing the material in their own words

This then is typed and printed

Follow Up Activities

The children write pieces of interest asociated with the story of the Bogwoman that is not reported in the story


Lesson 4 :

Presentation of the Study


  • The children conclude their study of the topic
  • Preparation is made to present the material another class in the school

Charts to present the information

Content / Methodology

The children finalise the necessary points to include in the project

In groups they prepare in organising the topic, therefore adequately reporting this to other listeners

The children type and print as required

They decide if any photos are to be included and scan these as required and add text as necessary

The work of the individual groups is now bound

In groups the children prepare a presentation of the information

Follow Up Activities

The children present their patch study to an older class

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