St. Clare's SIP Activities

Word Processing
The pupils in the senior classes of 5 th and 6 th began their ICT and language experiences by using Microsoft Word.  They worked on exercises based on the topic of School or Die Schule and wrote sentences about our school, our timetable and made some useful classroom labels in German.

At first, it was extremely difficult to find a school in Germany able to correspond with us.  Eventually, Frau Ursula Hoesea lovely teacher in Lerchenberg, Wittenberg replied.  The pupils in 5 th and 6 Ih have sent and received some emails from this school called Girundschule am Lerchenberg GslercheL&

The senior pupils have used the Internet to investigate aspects of Gen-nan culture such as Christmas traditions, Fasching and more recently German food and drink.  The Internet proved extremely useful in sending hallmark cards for Christmas, St. Patrick's Day and Easter.

Many pupils in 5
th and 6 th have pets.  In German, they recorded infon-nation about their pets using a database in Microsoft Access.

Desktop Publishing
Pupils loved working with Microsoft Publisher.  Each group produced a one-page newsletter all about their class interests. 5
th class described their Green school project, while 6 th class wrote about their Confirmation.

Software Evaluation
The pupils enjoyed leaming German by playing with some German language software.  The teachers involved have reviewed the software and their comments can be read at the Sip2l project web site.

Patch Study
Finally, to consolidate all the ICT skills used, a patch study of different applications was devised.  The theme chosen was Food and Drink.  The pupils made a database of their class favourite fruits and vegetables.  Using their word processing skills, pupils wrote stories about different mealtimes.  Next they emailed Grundschule am Lerchenberg for their opinions.  The Internet was useful for looking up some German recipes, visiting Aldi and McDonalds in Germany and even ordering a pizza in German.  Having fun with Microsoft Publisher helped put it all together.

Dissemination Night.
In November parents were invited to the school to hear about the work we were undertaking. In May a similar night was held for teachers to inform the wider communityu of our progress. A very encouraging response was received on both nights.

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