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Hyperstudio is a multimedia authoring tool which allows us to present a project using sounds pictures and text and to blend it together using hypertext. It allows children to become the the producers of information rather than the recipients. The students are at the centre of the the educational process.
Founded in 1978 by a classroom teacher, Robert Wagner Publishing developed Hyperstudio as a software system that emphasized technology as a personal creative tool. The idea behind Hyperstudio was to support teachers with a vision of how the meaningful and appropriate use of technology could foster a more individual and humanistic learning environment.
It is based on non-technical  application and is minimalist in design. While many programs work through an abstract or symbolic layer between you and your work, Hyperstudio tries to be transparent tool for communication, so that you and your students can concentrate on the content and the message.
Hyperstudio is a multimedia writing and presentation system that has become the standard in many schools for multimedia projects. It allows anyone to create multimedia programmes. The tool is simple enough to be used by primary school children from a very early age.


  • The philosophy is user-centered, because children learn by doing.

  • The approach is constructivist because people learn best when they create meaning using multimedia tools.

  • The software adopts a minimalist design, because keeping things simple increases understanding and speeds learning.

  • The language is non-technical so that you use more time using Hyperstudio than you do figuring it out.

  • It is totally integrated software. You won't waste time or risk confusion at dealing with several different programmes.

  • It has been adopted by a number of Teaching Training Colleges as a standard tool for creating projects, reports and presentations in the same way as Powerpoint is used in the professional world.

Pedagogical Theory and Multimedia Authoring

As teachers become technologically competent we must look for ways to integrate technology into the classroom and the curriculum in a meaningful way. Thanks to the growth of the Internet and other multimedia formats such as CD ROM the communication of information in visual format is more important than ever. We and the children are used to having information presented to us in a multimedia format. If we accept this then a natural progression would be for our students to begin persenting their own ideal and research in a similar way.

The use of multimedia and hypertext in the classroom has the potential to change the way we teach and the way children learn. It is a tool which can be used for any subject. It has a particularly attractive and effective role in language teaching as it allows for the presentation of the text in a voice format. What the student writes he can say, what he sees he can name and the language is in his own voice. So the students have the opportunity to decide how they want to present their ideas and information. By it textually, visually or via sound. All the options are available with a multimedia package. The use of a package such as Hyperstudio allows the children to become the producers of informatilon rather than the recipients.


Student Advantages

It gives the teacher another and effective means of transferring language learning and in doing that is a very flexible medium. It allows the teacher to create a flexible learning environment which allows for active engaged learners.

Active engaged learners are :

  • Responsible for their own learning. The word they produce is a result is a result of their own curiosity. It is their creation and it is what they intended creating.
  • Energised by learning. Their work feels both important and worthwhile.
  • Strategic. In the form of their multimedia authoring package and access to information and the children make their own choices to solve a problem or to present information.
  • Collaborative. The students collaborate in formulating their objectives and deciding on material and presentation.


Using Hyperstudio for a  MFL Project.


     Project Name :

Welcome to our School !!

Aim : 

That the students would present themselves and their school using various topics as pages in linked by hypertext.
Preparation :
  • Students have to decide on the project design and contentin advance and the following are the conclusions they made.
    It will be a French Language presentation to a French school.
  • They will speak about 6 themes - School, Food, Historical Feature, Films, Houses, Jokes - 5 pages.
  • Each page will include a title, student picture, greeting in speech from the student photo, a textbox, a background, an opening/closing effect and an opening/closing sound.
  • Opening Greeting page - Welcome to Ireland -
  • School page - Notre Ecole - will introduce the themes, where a student will introduce her 5 friends in the 5 themes. Picture of the school and description of the school in French, background map of Ireland. Buttons forward and back in French. (Allez, Retournez)
  • 5 Theme pages - Student greeting in voice, Title banner, student picture, background, text box, buttons forward and back.
  • Closing page - Thank you for your visit, student picture and greeting in voice, scrolling credits, background, button (encore? - back to Page 1)
Class Activities :
  • Students are grouped for the various activities.
  • 6 Students for oral French presentations.
  • 6 Groups of students to compose the six texts in French.
  • A Design Team - they plan the ingredients and how it should look on presentation. They complete the tasks within Hyper as guided by the teacher.
  • Task Force - take photos, locate suitable pictures, record voices.
  • Word Processing team - type, save and print the French texts.
  • Presentation Team - to present the project.
ICT Applications :
  • Because of the above plan the following ICT functions are needed.
  • Each page background to be a picture of Ireland from the Statoil 2000 Calendar. - 7 scanned pictures needed - Scanner activity.
  • School page background to be a map of Ireland - download from Yahoo maps - Internet search.
  • 6 pupils involved in the presentation - 6 pictures taken using the digital camera, pictures need to be sized - Digital camera activity.
  • The 6 students will have to record their voice using the recording facility - Voice recording using mic.
  • 7 Page banners have to be designed using Font, Size, Colour.
  • 7 Text boxes to be filled using an agreed Font, Size. Colour.

    Closing and opening effect to be assessed and chosen. - Multimedia Effects
  • Text entered and saved using Word. - Word Processing.
  • Text printed out for presentation to the class before entering it on Hyperstudio - Printing.

Language Content

Page 1. Welcome!
Bienvenue en Irlande. Bonjour ! Nous voulons vous presenter notre ecole et nos amis ici en Irlande.

Page 2. Notre Ecole
Je suis Patrick. Je suis votre correspondant. L'ecole est situee dans le quartier Inchicore qui est environ a trois km au centre ville de Dublin. Nous avons quatre vingt quinze etudiants dans l'ecole. C'est une ancienne ecole et un quartier tres historique. Maintainant je veux vous presenter mes amis.
Page 3. Notre Maisons
Je m'appelle Marie. J' habite dans une maison. Mes amis habitent dans quatre differentes maisons. Ils habitent dans une maison avec deux etages, une pavillion, une caravane et un appartement. La maison de deux etages est tres grande et l' appartement est tres petit. J'aime une maison qui a un jardin. Le appartement n'a pas de jardine. La pavillion n'a pas d'escalier.
Page 4. Notre Nouritures
Je suis Michel. Mes amis aiment manger. Ils prennent des pommes de terre, des frites, du riz, du poulet, de la salade, de la viande, du poulet, du piazza et du hamburger. Les eleves vont au cinema. Dans le cinema ils prennent des frites, de la glace, des bonbons et du popcorn. Ils aiment aller au McDonalds. C'est le restaurant preferree..

Page 5. Notre Preferences
Je m'appelle Sinead. J'aime aller au cinema chaque mois avec mes amis. Le cinema est situe dans le centre ville a cote du supermarche. Nos films preferes sont Titanic, Scream, The Matrix, The Mummy, Toy Story

Page 6. Notre Farces
Je m'appelle Ciara. J'aime les plaisanteries. J'ais un beaucoup des plaisanteries pour mes amis. Mon professeure s'appelle Karen Duffner. Elle est tres stricte et je ne dis pas des plaisanteries dans la classe. Je dis des plaisanteries pour mes amis dans la cours de recreation. Ils m'ecoutent.
Page 7. Le Quartier Historique
Je m'appelle Jean. Je vais a l'ecole Saint Michel dans le quatier Inchicore. Le quatier est tres historique. Nous avons la prison Kilmainham. C'est une prison tres ancienne mais c'est fermemaintenant. Il-y-a une exhibition tres interesant dans la salle centrale. Il a beaucoup de visiteurs chaque annee. Il a une resemblance avec la prison de la Bastaille.

Page 8 The conclusion in rolling credits.
Votre visite a notre ecole est fini.
Merci et Bon Voyage.
Patrick Troy, John Hudson, Marie Grant.
Slan Leat

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