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School Involvement in ICT

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St. Michael's is a small school in Inchicore, under the trusteeship of the Christian Brothers. Our current enrollment is 92. Our computer room consists of 16 pcs and we have been on the web since 1997. We grasped the opportunities affored by IT early on and the school curriculumum has been enriched accordingly.

Rationale behind ICT School Plan

Information technology is now a basic tool within most work environments and is becoming common place in the home and school environments. There is also a growing evidence that with appropriate teaching and learning techniques, the use of learning technology leads to improvement in student learning. This can be done by;

  • Bringing the world to the classroom. Through the internet and CD-Rom materials students can be introduced to people and ideas that otherwise would be inaccessible.
  • Enabling students to learn by doing.
  • Making parents partners in the education of their children by connecting the school with the home.
  • Enabling teachers to accommodate the varied learning styles and paces of learning within the classroom.
  • Developing in students the ability to access, analyse and synthesise information from a variety of sources. These are vital if students are become lifelong learners.
  • Facilitating student proficiency in the use of information technology and telecommunications.

    There is a need to incorporate ICTs into the curriculum. In the current technological age pupils leaving this school having completed 6th class should be competent in the following three areas Word Processing, Software Activities in CAL and Information Communication Activities as follows ;

  • Word Processing to the extent that their disk has become an alternative copy book.
  • Simple computer aided design to the extent that they can perform basic tasks.
  • Manage their won software needs and ease of use in appropriate software.
  • Access the Internet, perform searches, down load and print out topics and ease of use of e-mail.

Teaching Objectives and Approaches

The approach taken to achieve our objectives will be an ordered approach to include four distinctive activities. The pupils taking part in this course will be trained in the following ;

Care of hardware and software; control of the unit and ease of access to folders and documents.

Basic typing and keyboard skills in that each session begins with a definite typing period graduated to cover the complete alphabet using the correct fingering followed by an activity or exercise based on a particular toolbar skill and drop down menu task - see Goals.

Computer Assisted Learning where each student can independently manipulate software relevant to his learning needs or activity uses.

Information Communication activities to include accessing the file server, searching particular topics, down loading and printing chosen topics and ease of use of e-mail.

Technology and the Learning Experience.

St. Michaels is integrating this plan into the broader curriculum because it views the use of information technologies as a necessary communication component and an additional educational resource. Some of the advantages gained from the use of IT are as follows;

  • It provides and independent learning experience. The child is free to go at his own pace measured by his own computer and not by the general class. He is able to set out and achieve individual goals.
  • It ensures that responses from software are immediate and good software will provide rewarding responses while delivering individual progress reports.
  • It provides graphic illustrations through diagramatic, pictorial, audio and video media.
  • It is instrumental in the development of co-operative, explorative and creative abilities.

Mission Statement

The use of ICTs is valued as skills enhancing instrument which can be effective in enhancing learning and developing positive self-esteem through opening areas of exploration, co-operation, enjoyable learning and creativity for all the pupils in their individual education and social needs.

Current Situation

The above goals are not perceived goals but rather current goals which are part of the day to day curriculum of the school. Through the use of the Internet St. Michaels is in continual with schools in South Carolina, North Queensland and Japan. The availability of a top class facility has added greatly to the self esteem of the pupils in the school based in an area of severe social and educational disadvantage.

Our SIP Involvement

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