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Schools Integration Project 021

ICT and the teaching of modern Foreign Languages.

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ie-flag1.gif (22416 bytes) This project contains the ICT materials,  activities and resources which you need  to know about and might like to use in the teaching of  a Foreign Language in the Primary School. eu-flag1.gif (28175 bytes)




A major focus of Schools IT 2000 is to explore creative ways in which ICT can be successfully integrated into our existing education system at primary level. The Schools Integration Project 21 (SIP 21) will pilot action research in a variety of schools settings in order to identify additional and complimentary skill development and support models, teaching stratagies and classroom resources that will enhance the continuing adoption of ICTs in Irish schools in the teaching of a foreign language

Participating Schools

The Work of the Group

We divided our work into nine areas and devised lessons for each topic.




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Desktop Publishing

Word Processing

Resources, Links, Evaluations

ICT and the Teaching of MFL