School :

Holy Cross N.S., Tramore

Module :

Patch Studies - French

5th & 6th

Title :

The Hobbies / Les Loisirs

Lessons :


Themes :

Revision and development of acquired vocabulary / phrases

Linkage :

The Internet, MS Word, MS Publisher, Outlook Express.

Peripherals :

Digital Camera

Other Material :

Prim-Ed "S'il Vous Plait" Workbook
Information website for vocabulary for etc. for both pupil and teacher usage :
MFL Pilot French Audio
Implementation: depening on the particular activity involved, a combination of the following would have been used throught the module ; whole class, group, pairs and individual work.


Lesson 1 :



  1. To teach the vocabulary associated with sport.

  2. To allow for group / paired conversations based on the vocabulary learned.

  3. To revise use of the internet, how to open the browser, type in a url, find a particular website.

  4. Using the website “Bonjour”, the children will carry out various online activities related to the topic of “Les Sports”.

Materials required:
Pictures of various sports activities for class discussion / vocabulary acquisition.
A computer with access to the internet. The website being used has the following address

Content / Methodology
The teacher will either draw pictures on the board of various sporting activities, or will use pictures of same.  Teacher will introduce the necessary vocabulary for the sports being taught.  The pupils will also be encouraged to add in sports they are interested in.  The teacher will also teach / revise phrases such as “ Quel sport aimes-tu? J’aime / je déteste /Quel est ton sport favori /  Mon sport favori est” etc.  As a follow up to this the pupils will be divided into pairs or small groups and encouraged to ask each other about their preferred sporting activities.
The children will then revise quickly the procedure for going online on the class computer. The teacher will show the pupils the “Bonjour” website, in particular the pages they are to explore during the week as a follow up activity.

Follow Up Activities

As already mentioned, the follow up activity will be to explore the appropriate pages on the “Bonjour” website. 
Because of time / expense considerations the pupils will work in groups of two to four (as deemed appropriate by the class teacher) in order to examine the website as fully as possible.
* This website is a wonderful resource and contains activities for many language topics.   In the case of “Les Sports” the children will undertake such activities as “Relie les images & les mots” / “Mots Mélangés” / “Mots Croisés” etc.

Lesson 2 :



  1. To revise the vocabulary taught in the previous lesson.

  2. To enlarge the ‘sports’ vocabulary & to introduce vocabulary associated with other pastimes.

  3. To develop the pupils’ aural skills through the use of a French audio tape where native speakers talk about their favourite sports/ hobbies.

  4. To commence a pupils’ “Carte d’Identité” using either MS Word or MS Publisher.

Materials required:  More pictures of sporting activities and hobbies.
A copy of the Irish D.E.S. Pilot Project for Modern Languages French Audio tape. A computer with either MS Word or MS Publisher

Content / Methodology

Teacher will first revise last lesson’s vocabulary.

Following on this the verbs “Faire” and “Jouer” will be introduced in the context of sports / hobbies.  For example Je fais du cheval / tu fais / il fait / elle fait

Je joue au foot / il joue etc. 

N.B. Joue au for sport / joue du for musical instruments.

The teacher will then introduce further vocabulary / phrases  based on the children’s pastimes. (This is at the teacher’s discretion, depending on the pupils’ preferences.)
Pastimes such as reading, stamp collecting, girl guides, watching television etc. could be covered.  Music will be covered in a subsequent lesson.
Later in the lesson the pupils will listen to the MFL tape and discuss what they’ve heard.
The pupils will then be shown a sample “Carte d’Identité” and discuss what they should put  into their own versions.  

Follow Up Activities

The pupils will design and make up their own “Carte d’Identité” as a follow-up to this lesson.
Note:  Pupils shouldn’t print out their cards yet as further information, including their photos will be added in later lessons.

Lesson 3 :



  1. To revise the vocabulary / phrases acquired in the previous lessons on the topic of “Hobbies”.

  2. To develop the topic further by introducing vocabulary related to music.

  3. (ICT   Objective):  To demonstrate the use of the digital camera to the pupils.

  4. To allow the pupils to use the digital camera to take photos of each other for insertion in their “Carte d’Identité”. 

Materials required:  Pictures of musical instruments & pop groups, a digital camera

Content / Methodology

Teacher will commence by revising the content of the previous lessons on the topic of Hobbies.
Teacher will then introduce the new vocabulary on the topic of Music.
Que’est-ce que tu aimes écouter comme musique? / Quel est ton groupe préféré?
Qu-est-ce que tu détestes écouter comme musique?
Teacher can introduce vocabulary such as La musique pop / La musique classique etc.
Phrases related to playing musical instruments can also be introduced ~ Je joue du piano / de la guitare etc.
Some vocabulary for musical instruments could also be taught, depending on the children’s interests.

The digital camera will be shown to the pupils and some of it’s functions explained.  The pupils will then be encouraged to take each other’s photos during the week.  These photos can be inserted into the pupils’ Cartes d’Identité.
Follow Up Activities

Pupils will use the digital camera to photograph each other.

Lesson 4 :

Revision and Development .


  1. To cover any areas of “Les Loisirs” previously not done, because of time constraints.

  2. To revise the whole topic of the Patch Study  in class discussions / activities / games.

  3. To send the pupils’ “Cartes d’Identité” as an attachment to an e-mail.

    Materials required
    :   Pictures used in previous lessons.  Class pc with internet access in order to send e-mails.

Content / Methodology

Depending on the progress the class has made, the teacher may first decide to cover areas of vocabulary on the previous lesson topics (Le Sport / Les Loisirs / La Musique).

Following on this the teacher will revise the whole topic. 
One way might be to use the pupils’ Identity Cards.   Teacher will collect a number of the I.D. cards, then give one of the cards to a pupil.  The pupil will not disclose the card owner’s identity but instead will read out the pupil’s details in a random order.  The first pupil to guess the correct identity of the pupil wins.  Game continues in this way.
Another idea might be for the teacher  / pupil to think of a famous personality. Pupils must pose questions in order to find out the person’s identity. 
In this way pupils will have an opportunity to utilise the vocabulary, phrases and question they have learned throughout the Patch Study.

Finally, pupils will send their I.D. cards as attachments to e-mails to the partner school in France.

Follow Up Activities

As outlined above, pupils will send e-mails during the week to their French counterparts. The e-mails will have the pupils’ I.D. cards attached.

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