School :

St. Nauls, Keelogs, Killybegs, Co. Donegal.

Module :

Patch Studies

5th & 6th

Title :

Fishing and Exports

Lessons :


Themes :

Fishing over the Years.

Boats and Fishing in Inver.
Boat Building.
Gallery of Photos.

Linkage :

The Internet, MS Word, MS Publisher, Outlook Express.

Peripherals :

Digital Camera, Printer, Printer,

Other Material :

Implementation: depening on the particular activity involved, a combination of the following would have been used throught the module ; whole class, group, pairs and individual work.


Lesson 1 :

Fishing over the Years


  1. To outline the fishing industry both locally and in the County.

  2. To help make the children more aware of the extent of the fishing industry and the impact it has on the community.

Materials: Computer, Scanner, Digital Camera, Printer, Paper.

Content / Methodology

A brief outline of the development of the fishing industry over the years.

Facts and figures on processing and exports

Photographs of Fishing vessels.

Maps of local fishing ports and European export countries,

Tasks are allocated to each group or individual in the class.

Children were accompanied to local factories to take photographs.

Research is edited and photographs are scanned.

Work is bound.

Follow Up Activities

Conduct a search on www for fishing sites
Sharing materials collected.
Reading aloud to the class interesting facts.
Read about fishing in different school geography textbooks and compare.
Cut out pictures and reports from newspapers etc.

Draw boats

Lesson 2 :

Boats and Fishing in Inver


  1. To inform the pupils about the fishing industry in Inver.

  2. To make the children more aware of their immediate surroundings and to help them realise that fish are among the world’s renewable resources.

  3. To indicate how Fish Farming is carried out in Inver Bay.

  4. To help the children appreciate the importance that fishing has had in Inver down through the years..

Content / Methodology

A brief history of fishing in Inver is outlined.

Songs and folklore were gathered from local fishermen.

Photographs of local fishermen and landing areas are added.

Tasks are allocated to each group or individual in the class.

Research is edited and photographs are scanned.

Work is bound.

Follow Up Activities

Scanning and adding text in pairs .

Lesson 3 :

Boat Building


  1. To underline the importance of local industry and the contribution it makes to the community.

  2. To help the children develop some interview skills.

  3. To help the children appreciate the skills and craftsmanship involved in boatbuilding
Content / Methodology

An interview with a local boat builder.

Photographs of craftsmen at work.

Photographs of completed boat and it’s launch’

This then is typed and printed

Specific task was allocated to a particular individual.

Interview was held and then typed up.

Research is edited and photographs are scanned

Work is bound.

Follow Up Activities

Each house- hold that has a small boat at home either in use now or just maintained and uses occasionally are invited to contribute old photos. This is a slow process.

Arrange photos in sequence and scan and print text.

Lesson 4 :

Gallery of Photos


  1. To allow the children to use the digital camera in an educational and fun manner.

  2. So that as many pupils as possible would see first hand the various aspects of Fishing.

Content / Methodology

Pupils are allowed to use their own cameras to take photos so that they will become more aware of the beauty of their own area and understand how the fishing industry is carried out locally and in the area.


Photos are scanned and the story of fish farming in Inver bay is compiled.

Fish lorries and how they have changed

Small boats to large trawlers.

Folklore etc.

Follow Up Activities / Gallery Presentation

The children present their patch study to an older class - some photo samples.

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