Powerpoint - Microsoft 2000

What is Powerpoint ?

Powerpoint is a presentation tool increasingly used by lecturers, teachers, conference speakers and businesses to improve the quality of their presenations by using high quality graphics and pictures.

Presentations are usually structured by displaying only the relevant points during the talk in which the speaker explains these points in greater detail. It also allows the group, class or audience to respond to the points as they appear.

The presentation can be show in various ways. It can be printed out on paper, transparent acetates or slides. It can also be presented on a computer screen or projected onto a screen using a computer data projector.

Powerpoint is made up of a number of slides, the number is determined by the project content and the presenation plan that a group has decided upon. Each slide typically has a title with the supporting text and/or graphics appearing in sequence usually at the click of the mouse, so this allows the teacher to delay and pause at will in order to elaborate. The text us usually in bulleted form and the entry of the text or graphic can be decided upon in many interesting and eye-catching ways, called Builds. Moving from slide to slide can be effected in many ways, called Transitions and may be accompanied by sound. This combination of media;  text, graphics, sounds, transitions, animations makes power a comprehensive multimedia package.

Educational Applications

There are many educational applications besides presenation. Many teachers use the multimedia elements to create short projects with students and this is what this part of the module attempts to describe.
It challenges students to plan a project, choose the relevant topics, decide on the graphics needed, choose the eye-catching effects, access material needed from the Internet, use a digital camera to create graphics, utilise a scanner to access other pictures,  make use of a printer to make a hard copy of material and finally use the mouse to present their work to a wider audience. All of these will be illustrated in the Project Plan below.

Using Powerpoint  for a  MFL Project.

     Project Name :

Travelling from Ireland to France and in France.

Aim :

to give students the opportunity and experience in planning, composing and presenting a multimedia presentation.

Objective :

That the students will plan, compose and present a sequence of animated slides using the French language to explain travel from Ireland to France and within France.
Preparation 1 :

Decide on the content and the general structure.
Need to find out how many ways to get to France. The students discover two ways air/sea and within France they could travel my metro in Paris and by train around France.
Four topics are decided upon : Air travel, Sea Travel, Metro, Railways.
Each topic will take three slides :
1. Explaining the mode of travel - titles and use pictures
2. Language involved in using the travel mode - lnaguage content
3. A map to show where the travel takes place.- georgraphical.

 The project now has twelve slides, plus an introduction slide, an objectives slide and a credits slide. So now there are fifteen slides in all.

The next step is to find the information and graphics required.

Class Activities : Getting the information and language content together.

Class is divided into four groups ; (we will go with the airline group)

1. find out about the topic eg. How to travel to France by air, what companies provide it, the airports involved,

2. Then compose a text to explain the travel.

3. They find out that a traveller can travel by Aer Lingus, Aer France, Ryanair to Paris from Dublin, Cork and Shannon.

4. Pictures of those airlines are needed.. download from the sites.

5. A map to show Ireland and France is needed, this can be scanned or downloaded from Yahoo Regional.

 The same actions are carried out for the other three topics, sea travel, Metro, French Railways.

Preparation 2: Decide on the multimedia effects once all the material is in place.

1. First page shows a map of Europe, with the names Ireland and France with their flags flying into their respective positions in a spiral movement. The name of the Module flies in from the right with motor noise. Size and colour of letting is decided.

2. Second page, the object of the lessons is shown in four bulleted lines. Each line accompanied by its appropriate transport sound. Colour of back ground is decided, and size and font.

3. Third Page :  Large Banner... "We can travel to France with.."  comes in word by word to aircraft sounds and then include a comic travel graphic. Three aircraft from Aerlingus, Aer France and Ryanair enter the screen from different sides on a mouse click. Background music is chosen for air travel.
Vous allez a Paris avec cettes a cettes aeriennes. Vous partez de Dublin, de Shannon ou de Cork.

4. Fourth Page : Text page : Aircraft animation and noise on the left and "The Airport", the title enters from the right to noise. On a mouse click bulleted text fly in from the right side line by line.
L’avion a Paris sort de aeroport de Dublin.
C’est le vol EI608, il est avion de Aer Lingus.
Le voyage a une heure vingt.
Les passengers prennent un déjeuner dans l’avion.
Il arrive a aéroport Charles de Gaulle.
C’est le premier aeroport de Paris.

5. Fifth Page : Banner - Air Routes : Ireland to Paris.
Then a map of Western Europe rains in. On a click, Dublin-Paris, Shannon-Paris, Cork-Paris are joined by red lines.

The same music continues as a background.

ICT Applications :

search for aircraft pictures http://members.xoom.com/mikephotos
Access Ryanair gallery for picture.
Access Aer Lingus, Ryanair and Air France sites to see destinations.
Access maps sites which contain required maps.
Access Flags sites for Irish and French flags.

Search travel clipart for suitable animated travel gif.
Search travel clipart for aircraft animations. Import the same and size to suit.
Graphic effects.
Use the capabilities of Powerpoint to create actions.

Examine sound files for aircraft sound files to accompany the banner, the aircraft gif and background music.

Desktop Publishing
Choosing a background colour.
Sizing up the pictures to fit pages.
Placing and filling text boxes
Choosing appropriate fonts and text colours.
Drawing arrow lines using drawing facility.
Sequencing and ordering slide sequences.

Printing out results in slides, handouts,

Using the mouse to control and sequence the presentation.

Language Content : Air Travel Topic

Slide 1

Vous allez a Paris avec cettes lignes aeriennes.
Vous partez de Dublin,  de Shannon ou de Cork.

Slide 2

L’avion a Paris sort de aeroport de Dublin.
C’est le vol EI608, il est avion de Aer Lingus.
Le voyage a une heure vingt.
Les passengers prennent un déjeuner dans l’avion.
Il arrive a aéroport Charles de Gaulle.
C’est le premier aeroport de Paris.

Slide 3

Air routes : Ireland to Paris.

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