French Software Reviewed

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Software Title:        Let's Learn French
Publisher :   Softkey Multimedia Inc.
Age Group :
Curriculum Area : Language Development
Year of Publication : ‘97/’98
Mac, PC or other :    PC / Win 95

This multimedia pictionary dictionary is a valuable resource for any modem foreign language class in primary school.

Overview of Teaching with this Title

By purusing Timmy's Magic Picture Diary, the child can explore a variety of settings - the park, the post office, the restaurant, the bank, the countryside, the zoo etc.  As he/she visits these scenes, the child hears the French word for the item on which they click and sees the word printed on the screen. I used the CD ROM to link in with the themes being taught in the classroom.  The children had heard and used a lot of the words in each theme prior to using a particular section of the CD ROM.  Thus, their explanation of the section provided an opportunity to consolidate vocabulary learned.


There are lots of entertaining high quality animation sequence hidden in each scene, in addition to amusing sound affects and music.  All are activated by the click of a mouse.
The Big Glossary lists hundreds of words in both languages found throughout the picture Diary.  Children can hear the word by clicking on it. Or by clicking on the icon be transported to the scene where the word can be found.
This software can be used in conjunction with comprehensive IFrench programme being taught by the teacher. The content is accurate and reliable and the pronunciation is of a high standard.  A broad range of vocabulary is presented in each section.  All topics are very relevant to the children's own life experiences and are presented in a colourful and stimulating fashion which appeal to all children.

Design and Navigation

There is a facility to load words leamt into a file and folder for future reference.  This is the only facility available to record work explored by the children.  The On Screen help is useful, clear and child friendly.  Tim is always available to give assistance.  One can move easily between the Diary, the Glossery and the Slide Show whose symbols are displayed on each window.  The volume and exit key are constantly available.

Installation and Use

The programme is easy to load, responds quickly to child input and one can exit the programme with little difficulty.

Supporting Documentation


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