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Software Title: The Rosetta Stone Language Library French       
Publisher :   Rebecca Stone
Age Group : 10 yrs - adults
Curriculum Area : Language Development
Mac, PC or other :    PC

The Rosetta Stone Language Library is a complete language pack, incorporating CD ROMS, student's workbook, teacher handbook, and student study guide. 

Overview of Teaching with this Title

With The Rosetta Stone, words become associated with objects and ideas because they are introduced in a context where meaning is clear.  Because the Rosetta Stone uses carefully selected pictures to create its content of meaning, students work exclusively in the target language in French.


The programme is sequential and had been developed as a step by step by process.  Different parts of the programme emphasise listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking and writing. The content of the CD ROM is accurate, reliable and up to date with native speakers used throughout.  Level I of the Rosetta Stone consists of eight units that are divided into ten lessons with and additional review lesson at the end of each unit.  Each lesson consists of ten screens with four pictures each.. Level I 1 of The Rosetta Stone consists of eleven units.  Level I I contains a great deal of vocabulary and it could only be used by students who have a thorough knowledge of the material in Level 1.

Design and Navigation

Students can navigate through the material at their own pace.  I found the CD ROM worked best when used in conjunction with the whole package, activity book, study guide, student and teachers manual. 
Material covered in the weekly class lesson is reinforced as the children work on the CD ROM during the intervening week. Students can proceed through the programme at their own pace which caters for both the slower and faster learners.
The multimedia CD presents sight, sound and the written word in a stimulating and exciting fashion which appeals to all students.

Installation and Use

The CD ROM must be manually installed using the 'Installation CD'.  Once complete, use of the Rosetta Stone CD launches quickly.   Response to student imput is very satisfactory.  Each activity emphasised one of the skills required to learn a new language and accommodate a variety of learning styles.  The listening comprehension activities develop the ability to understand spoken phrases in the new language without seeing the written text.  Reading comprehension activities develop the reverse skill.  Speaking activities improve pronunciation of the new language by comparing the students speech with the native speaker.  This activity required a microphone.  Writing activities improve spelling and accents.
The On Screen help is useful and available at all times using distinct symbols.  Students can by pass the introductory sequence and lessons previously completed easily.  All lessons are clearly organised and proceeding from one to the next is straight forward.

Supporting Documentation

In general I would wholeheartedly recommend the Rosetta Stone Language Library for students learning a modern foreign language.  However, it is best suited to students in the senior classes of the primary school.

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