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Software Title:       10 out of 10 French

Title :           10 out of 10 French / Grant Educational series.

Publisher :   Educational Supplies.

 IBM PC and compatibles.


This CD ROM is a useful resource for both teachers and students of modem foreign languages.  

Overview of Teaching with this Title

Six games are presented each giving the user a variety of opportunities to practice vocabulary already learned and introduce the user the new material.

"The Cop" game asks the player to match words and pictures.

"Tower" asks the player to select a word from three given to match to a picture.

"Link Up" encourages the player to match words and pictures.  "Rescue" asks the player to rescue a given word from a pile.


The content is accurate and reliable without being biased in any respect.  Some of the vocabulary used is a little advanced for primary school children leaming French as a modem foreign language.

Design and Navigation

The CD is well laid out with distinct instructions.  Each player's name is held on record and when the player resumes play, s/he can select their name from the list.  New players are added easily.  Following completion of each game the player is shown their score as a percentage and given a rating.   Encouragement is offered throughout.  Certificates of achievement may be printed upon completion of the games.   Volume is easily controlled and the player can quit in a straight forward manner all the facilities of this CD ROM are distinctly displayed on the main menu.

Installation and Use

The games "Word searclf' and "Stones" are more suited to the advanced learner as there are few graphics.  The software is best used to consolidate material covered in class.  Children can operate this CD ROM effectively working on an individual basis, using head phones to minimize any class disruption.
The use of games to consolidate and introduce vocabulary to the children is a great motivator.  They enjoy observing their score and gaining  bonus points.

Supporting Documentation

Unfortunately there is no documentation to accompany this CD ROM.  The teacher must peruse the disc to note its content and observe how best it can be used in the class context.  None of this information is available on disc either.

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