Scoil na gCaológa

Our Sip Activities

As our school is situated in a coastal area seafaring is an integral part of life.  With the expansion of the Fishing Industry locally in the 20th century many families have connections with others from EC countries. 

As we have both qualified French and Italian teacher on the staff who agreed to participate in this I.T. based project we submitted our project to NCTE and were accepted.

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Autres Marionettes

The teaching of French and Italian using CD’s and ICT has offered us a unique opportunity to give the children a deeper understanding and love of the culture and language of France and Italy.

Whole staff IT training was undertaken.  With the advice and assistance of NCTE networked computers and peripherals necessary to complete IT based tasks have been installed in each classroom.

E-mail links have been formed with French and Italian schools.

The entire teaching staff and pupils are busy learning and working on this IT based project

Sometimes it would remind you of "Those magnificent men in their flying machines", working as part of a wider team drawn from five schools has been and enlightening and rewarding experience.     

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