Web Artist
Publisher : Sierra Home
Age Group : 12 years
Curriculum Area : Any
Year of Publication : 1998
Operating System : PC / Pentium


This software is used to design webpages.  At first glance the screen is quite cluttered with a number of windows open at the same time.  The largest window is the webpage and items from the other windows are dragged and dropped onto that window to create your webpage.  A number of pages can be created and linked together.

Experience of using Web Artist

Any Curriculum area could be supported with this software because children’s own work could be displayed on their webpage.
This software would not be suitable for pupils with learning difficulties.
Initially I explained the purpose of this software and the class gathered round the computer as I went through the basic functions.  I also showed them how to start the Help File Tutorial and then the children worked in pairs. I found that groups of more than two were unsuitable as there is not enough room for them all to work at the same machine.
The software has a lot of entertaining pictures and sounds and all children enjoyed using it.  However, many children ‘played’ with these pictures and sounds without really achieving any useable end result. The children who were very familiar with the Internet and had a good knowledge of how an Internet webpage might look, did manage to create webpages but none managed to successfully create links between pages.


The software is certainly capable of producing entertaining webpages. 

Design and Navigation

While most webpage items can be simply ‘dragged and dropped’ into position, some functions are difficult and the screen appears cluttered and therefore complicated.  It is certainly only suitable for older children (and adults) with a good knowledge of computers.  As with other programmes, your work can be saved and continued at a later time.  The user can also choose from a number of pre-designed templates, which simplifies the process.

Imstallation and Use

The software autoloads and it is very easy to get started.   It works quickly, but some children complained that their pictures took a while to appear when dragged and dropped into position.   This caused some confusion.

Supporting Documentation

The accompanying documentation and helpfiles are useful and easy to follow.

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