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Local History

An Awareness, Appreciation and Enhancement of the Local Environment

Project Details -

The project will involve a comprehensive study of the local environment. ICT will be an integral part of the project in preparing and writing material, collating data, communicating between the partner schools and with schools internationally and publishing the project findings.

Objectives and Indicative Outcomes

To carry out a cross-curricular project that will focus on the local environment as its theme.
To identify particular areas for research, such as hedgerows-flora and fauna, farming methods, local monuments, folklore etc.
To integrate ICT seamlessly into the research, development and delivery of the project
To develop the project as an extension and comparison of the 1937 National Survey of Local Folklore and Traditions.
To involve local groups, industries and organisations as partners in the project.
Resources will be developed in the form of a booklet and web site to disseminate the project's findings.
The wider community will become more involved in school life as a result of participation in the project.
The social capital of the participating schools will be raised.
The social isolation of the marginalised communities in the participating schools will be reduced.
The project will create 'An Awareness, Appreciation and Enhancement of the Local Environment'.


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