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Clonown N.S.

  First class read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and when it was finished they all wanted to plant beans that would grow into beanstalks! When we got a packet of runner beans, we decided that we would let them plant them. We put them into polystyrene cups and filled them with compost. We planted the beans into the cups and put them on the window. After a few weeks the beans started to sprout and got bigger and bigger.

Soon enough the beans got so big that some of the children had to put them into bigger pots. Then two pupils from 5th class wrote instructions to show how to look after the beans.

These are the instructions;

v      Keep this runner bean on a windowsill for a few weeks until the frost has gone.

v      When the bean gets tall put a stick alongside the bean and it will twirl itself around the stick.

v      After a few weeks when the bean gets bigger plant it into the ground.

v      In June we will ask the Daddies to measure the beans and we will have a bean competition.

Every child in the school took a bean home and on the last day of school before the summer holidays we held the beanstalk competition. 

Everyone that measured their beans had the results put on a graph.


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